Fred Ellis is an Award Winning New York City Elementary Public School Music Teacher and Music Therapist, Always Love Your Life, is his second music CD of original songs. He has been teaching regular and special education students for over 20 years, he holds a BA & MS in Education from Baruch College, an MA in Music Therapy from New York University, and an EdM in Music Education from Teachers College/Columbia University. Fred Ellis firmly believes that an optimal pedagogical approach that a music teacher should take in educating students to greater musicality, is one that “fulfills the academic and therapeutic needs of the students.” His objectives have been to not only teach students musical skills and knowledge, but to help children develop their mental, physical, communication, and social skills; the songs on his CD can be used to reach all these objectives. The students of Fred Ellis are composed of children from many different nations from around the world. They have responded to the songs on this CD in a most positive way, through the music, the students would socialize, sing and play together; thus conforming the old saying that “music is a universal language.” The songs on this CD are designed to encourage socialization, as well as love and respect for cultural diversity. Through music, perhaps we as a people can form together as one big family.